Past Events

45th IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: November 18-19,2002
Location: Prague, Czechoslovakia


Monday November18th, 2002
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Technická 4
Prague 6

"Conference centrum on the left of the  first building floor"

9.00 Welcome by Frantisek Hrdlicka  and Mikko Hupa 

Technical session and Workshop on "Difficult fuels, opportunity fuels and fuel mixtures in FBC"

1. K. Salmenoja “Fluidized Bed Combustion of Demanding Fuels”
2. F. Hrdlicka , T. Dlouhy ” Cofiring of the coal and biomass with high content of  water”
3. F. Preto, „A Dual Fluid Bed Pilot Plant for Fuel Conversion and Co-firing Research” 
4. R. Kobylecki, Wojciech Nowak, Takeshi Matsuo,Yukio Imaizumi, Mutsumi Maruyama, Koji Omata, Junichi Shigeta, Masyuki Horio,"Some remarks on coal combustion at 360MWe Karita PFBC"
5. Y.H. Wu, E.J. Anthony, and L. Jia, “Hydration of Partially Sulphated CFBC Ash with Saturated Water Steam”
6. B. Èech , D. Juchelková , Ch. Stingl , Z. Szeliga, Winter F “The alternative desulphurisation sorbents for CFBC”
7. J. Partanen ,”The Effect of HCl on the Formation of Calcium Silicates in Sand Beds in Fluidized Bed Boilers"
8. F. Niklasson, G. Palchonok “Pellet combustion in FBC”
9. J. Hamalainen, M. Orjala, M. Aho, "Optimisation of multi-fuel operation in fluidized bed boilers"
10.  A.Cabanillas, “Propane gas combustion on a bubbling fluidised bed”
11. M. Lackner, G. Loeffler, G. Totschnig, F. Winter: “In-situ laser spectroscopy and modeling of bituminous coal in a laboratory-scale FBC.”
12. P. Kilpinen, Sirppa Kallio:"Ongoing work on NO/N2O emission tendency prediction from multifuel CFB boilers" 
13. F. Niklasson, G. Palchonok: “Lateral dispersion of fuel in FBC”

Tuesday November 19th, 2002: 

The  technical tour will be led to powerplants TISOVA in the west czech coal mind with two 100 MWel. coal FBC (Lurgi, EVT) and return to  middle ages castle KARLSTEJN (castle founded of emperor Charles IV).


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