Past Events

47th IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: October 2003
Location: Zlotniki, Poland

Jacek Gadowski, Turow Power Plant-- Opening remarks about Turow


  • Wojciech Nowak , Zbigniew Bis and Arkadiusz Sekret Czestochowa University of Technology, Jacek Maslanka,
    Energomar Ltd, Warsaw, Roman Walkowiak, Janusz Jablonski, Turow Power Plant, "Sulfur capture in a
    235 MW CFB boiler by mechanical activation of sorbents
  • Jean-Xavier Morin and Mr.Marling, Alstom Power, "Recent Alstom Power large CFB and scale up aspects including
    steps to supercritical
  • Matti Rautanen, Kvaerner Power, "Co-combustion of biomass with coal in large CFB boilers"
  • Robert Sekret, Czestochowa University of Technology, "Vertical distribution of solids in a furnace of a 670 MWt CFB
  • Franz Tikovski, Fernwärme Wien Werk Simmeringer Haide, "Presentation of WSO 4 (Co.incineration of household waste
    and sludge)
  • Antti Tourunen, VTT Jyväskylä Finland, "Advanced process analysis and control methods for CFB power plants"
  • Arto Hotta and Rafal Psik, Foster Wheeler, "Testing and simulation in Turow and the application of the results on the
    Lagizsa 460 MWe OT CFB


  • Filip Johnsson, Mixing and flow structures in fliudized bed boilers
  • Rafal Kobylecki, Wojciech Nowak (Czestochowa Univ. of Technology), Jacek Maslanka, Katarzyna Ziarkowska
    (Energomar Ltd.), Roman Walkowiak, Janusz Jablonski and Jacek Gadowski (Turow Power Station) "Fluidized bed
    combustion ash – usage
  • Y. Wu, Ben Anthony, L.Jia, CANMET, "Reactivation of Uniformly Sulphating Limestones"
  • Louis Jestin, "Poland air protection improvement during the last decade and new challenges."
  • Jacek Podkanski, International Energy Agency "CO2 Capture and Storage - Challenges and Goals"