Past Events

49th IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: November 2004 
Location: Vaasa, Finland

Combustion and gasification in FBC

Welcome notes: IEA-FBC Chairman Fernando Preto and Mikko Hupa     

Mikko Hupa Åbo akademi University, Finland: "Recent survey on the status of FBC"    

Esa Kurkela VTT Finland: "Status of the fluidised-bed gasification technologies in Finland and messages from the IEA Task 33 Thermal Gasification of Biomass"   

Matti Rautanen Kvaerner power, Finland: "AhlholmensPower plant,- a boiler designs point of view"   

Timo Hyppanen Foster Wheeler, Finland: "Examples of model based analysis and development of CFB boilers at Foster Wheeler"   

Wojtek Nowak TechnicalUniversity of Czestochowa, Poland: "Operating experience of a 260 Mwe CFB Compact boiler"    

Ben Anthony NRCan, Canada: "Decontamination of Soil and Sand using FBC"   

Fernando Preto CANMET, Canada : "Start-up of the Black Liquor Gasification Fluidized Bed at Norampac,Trenton"    

Ibrahim Guyurtlu INETI DEECA, Portugal: "Co-gasification of used oils with coal"

David Lawrence University of Lindköping, Sweden: "Reducing the Subjective Input when Modelling Complex Boilers/Furnaces Incorporating Detailed Chemistry"

Ingemar Olofsson Universiy of Umeå, Sweden: "Non-Tar-Formation using High-Temperature Flash-Gasification of Intelligent Biomass Fuel Mixtures"

Marcus Öhman University of Umeå,Sweden: "A comparison of bed agglomeration characteristics during gasification and combustion of biomass fuels"

Jukka Kontinen Åbo Akademi University, Finland: "Modelling of the fluidized bed gasification of biomass - heavy metals and carbon conversion"

Maria Zevenhoven Åbo Akademi University, Finland: "Appearance of trace metals in co-firing fuels"

Poster Presentations

Thierry Le Guevel IMFT, ALSTOM and EDF, France: "Collision Model Between Unlike Particles Sizes Classes in 3D Tridispersed Simulation of a Circulating Fluidized Bed"

Rafal Rajczyk Technical University of Czestochowa, Poland: "PM2,5 and PM10 emission from biomass combustion in the fluidised bed"      

Linda Pommer University of Umeå Sweden: "Elucidation of the responsible mechanisms for peat's positive effects on ash-related problems during co-combustion with biomass"      

Anders Nordin University of Umeå Sweden: "Mechanisms of bed agglomeration during fluidized bed combustion of biomass fuels"      

Morgan Eriksson, Marcus Öhman, University of Umeå Sweden: "Effects of fluidization velocity and bed particle size on bed defluidization during biomass combustion"      

Mischa Theis Åbo Akademi University, Finland: "Fouling tendency of ash resulting from burning mixtures of biofuels"      

Johan Werkelin Åbo Akademi University, Finland: "Chemical forms of ash forming matter in woody fuels in FBC"