Past Events

53rd IEA-FBC Meeting

Fuels for FBCs

Date: November 2006
Location: Enfield, Ireland



Lydia Fryda, Fluidized bed combustion of coal and waste blends + short overview of laboratory activities in the past year

Ben Anthony, Firing of 100% plastics wastes with CFBC technology

Maria Zevenhoven, The Åbo Akademi Databases: Two Practical Databases Consisting of Experimental Data

Michele Miccio, “Recent advances in modeling the liquid-fuel combustion in a low temperature fluidized bed”,

Ibrahim Gulyurtlu, Co-firing Experiences

David Graham, Overview of E.ON UK, Co-firing and FBC Plants

November 7, 2006

Juha Sarkki, Combustion of peat and other high volatile fuels in Foster Wheeler CFB and BFB boilers

Kent Davidsson, Towards the solution of alkali problems in FBC

David Pallarès, Analysis of fuel mixing patterns in a fluidized bed

Nigel Paterson, The formation of calcium based liquid phases in pressurized, spouted bed gasifier environments