Past Events

54th IEA-FBC Meeting

Combustion Chemistry in FBCs

Fluidized Bed Conversion MEETING

3rd -4th May, 2007


Avda. Complutense, 22, MADRID (SPAIN)


1. Lars-Erik Åmand, Chalmers University (Sweden): „Sewage sludge combustion. Can alkali chlorides be analysed in the gas phase of the boiler?”

2. Anita Pettersson, Chalmers University (Sweden): „Sewage sludge combustion. Is alkali available in sludge?”  

3. AnnaLena Elled, Chalmers University (Sweden): „Sewage sludge combustion. Is fouling/deposit formation a problem?”  

4. Johan Sipilä, Maria Zevenhoven, Ron Zevenhoven Åbo Akademi University (Finland)"Combined thermal treatment of CCA-wood waste and municipal sewage sludge for arsenic emissions control" 

5. Quang Tran, University of Kuopio (Finland): „In bed catalysts for NOx abatement during fluidized Bed Combustion. Opportunities and Challenges.”    

6. Vesna Barisik, Maria Zevenhoven and Mikko Hupa, Åbo Akademi University (Finland): „Chemistry of the bed material of a 550 MW CFB burning a mixture of bar, peat and coal"  

7. Prof. Ray Everson, School of Chemical and Minerals Engineering, North West University, South Africa: „Reaction kinetics of high ash charges derived from inertinite rich coal discards, suitable for fluidised bed combustion and gasification”  

8. Javier Alberdi & Alfredo Pinelli, CIEMAT: „Toward an ETC system for instantaneous measurement of solid fraction in multiphase flows” 

9. Markus Uhlmann & Alfredo Pinelli, CIEMAT: „Highly resolved numerical simulations of fluid flows with solid particles” 

10. K. Redemann and J. Werther, Hamburg University of Technology (Germany): „Axial solids distribution and population balance modelling in circulating fluidized bed combustion systems”   

11. Javier Villa Briongos, Universidad Complutense, Madrid: „Towards Engineering the Hydrodynamics of Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds” 

12. Jae-Sung Kim KEPRI, Korea: „Development of the Poor Fluidization Detection System in the Fluidized Bed Ash Cooler"

 13. Alberto Gómez Barea, Universidad de Sevilla: „Estimation of gas composition of FB biomass gasifiers: a quasi-equilibrium approach” 

14. Markus Haider, Institute for Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion at TU Vienna: „Activities at PCFB test rig”