Past Events

55th IEA-FBC Meeting

Corrosion, Ash and Modelling

Date: October 2007
Location: Paris, France



1. Mikko Hupa: Myths and facts of superheater corrosion in biofuel combustion

2. Lufei Jia: Recent progress of oxy-fuel FBC combustion research at CETC-Ottawa 

3. Dagmar Juchelkova: Ash and the boiler efficiency 

4. Jocelyn Le Dirach: Steam wood gasification model for the Austrian process FICFB 

5. Maria Zevenhoven: Characterisation of sludge for combustion-a focus on metals 

6. David Pallares: A comprehensive model for large-scale CFB units 

7. František Hrdlička: Information about the new interactive mathematical model of the CFB boiler Tisova 2 

8. J. Almendros-Ibañez: Davidson's model implementation in a 2-D freely bubbling fluidized bed including non-Darcy effects 

9. Celia Sobrino: Fluid dynamics of a fluidized bed with rotating distributor 

10. Ernst-Ulrich Hartge: The bed inventory of the Duisburg CFB combustor – measurement and simulation 

11. Maria Laura Mastellone: Gasification of plastic waste in a pilot-scale bubbling fluidised bed reactor: effect of the bed material on tar formation