Past Events

57th IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: October 2008
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Co combustion and Biofuel


1. Lars Erik Amand: Co-firing of rapeseed-cake pellets with wood in a FBC boiler, the benefits of adding limestone on preventing bed agglomerations

2. Markus Bolhàr-Nordenkampf: Combustion of DDGS in fluidized beds
3. Mikko Hupa: Combustion of Peat: The role of Iron

4. Lars Erik Amand: Synergy effects on co-firing sewage sludge with biomass/waste on the

presence of alkali chlorides in a circulating fluidised bed boiler

5. Jan Hrdlička: Agricultural biofuels in fluidized bed boilers

6. Carlos Franco and Pedro Abelha: Cardoon gasification and combustion in Fluidised Bed