Past Events

58th IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: May 2009
Location: Xian City, China


1. Philippe JAUD: Overviews of activities in France (oxy-CFB study)

2. Michele MICCIO: Overview of activities in Italy, including a short update on the ENEL-SULCIS CFBC power station

3. Mikko Hupa: Review on activities in Finland

4. Georgy Ryabov: RF situation in FB technology implementation

5. Guangxi YUE: China activities on FBC

6. Juan Otero: Spanish situation on FBC

7. Bo Leckner: The FBC situation in Sweden

8. Martin Seemann: Showing an example out of the Gothenburg region

9. Franz WINTER: Overview about activities in Austria

10. Wojciech NOWAK: State of CFB technology in Poland