Past Events

59th IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: October 2009
Location: Czestochowa, Poland

Size increase and increase of steam data of FBC boilers



1. Ari Kettunen: Lagisza 460 MWe Supercritical CFB: Design, Start-up and Initial Operation Experience

 2. David Pallarès: Modelling of the bed inventory of CFB boilers

 3. Marko Palonen: Increase of steam data with challenging fuels

 4. Jacek Leszczyn'ski: Modern modeling technics (DEM, population balance, fractional calculus) in the analysis of granular flows

 5. Dorota Bankiewicz: High temperature corrosion of steam tube materials exposed to zinc salts

 6. Pal Szentannai: Modern Control Techniques for Fluidized Bed Combustors

 7. Rafal Kobylecki: Large-scale CFB combustors in Poland -- industrial experiences

 8. Maria Zevenhoven: Fuel characterisation at ÅA -- an update

 9. Tomasz Czakiert: Preliminary experiments with a small pilot scale oxy-fuel facility

 10. Bo Leckner: Combustion scaling of FBC