Past Events


The 60th IEA-FBC Technical Meeting, at

Chalmers University of Technology

Göteborg Sweden

3-4 May 2010



Chalmers Teknikpark, Room Apollon/Artemis.


May 3: 13.00-17.00 hours presentations according to list. At 17.00 departure for study tour

to Värö (biomass gasifier). At about 19.00 dinner

May 4: 9.00-17.00 hours presentations according to list. The meeting ends at 17.00.


List of presentations:

Name &Affiliation Title

  1. Bo Leckner, CTH, Sweden: Welcome to Chalmers University of Technology
  1. Henrik Thunman, CTH, Sweden: Chalmers pilot gasifier an overview.
  1. Emmanuel Kakaras, Ioannis Boukis (HELECTOR SA), and Panagiotis Gramelis, CERTH/ISFTA & NTUA, Greece: Gasification of olive oil residues.
  1. Alberto Gómez Barea, US: Spain FB gasification at the University of Seville.
  1. Marcos Millan, Imp.Coll, UK and José María Sanchez Hervas, Ciemat, Spain: Results from the FLEXIGAS project.
  1. Mikko Hupa, Åbo Akademi, Finland Fluidized Bed Pyrolysis and Gasification – Ongoing Activities in Finland.
  1. Emmanuel Kakaras, Ioannis Boukis, and Panagiotis Gramelis:, Greece: Electricity generation through gasification of secondary fuels derived from MSW recycling.
  1. Anton Larsson, CTH, Sweden: Zerodimensional modeling of indirect fluidized bed gasification
  1. Claes Breitholtz, Metso Power, Sweden/Finland: The Värö FB gasifier.
  1. Tadaaki Shimizu, University of Niigata, Japan: NOx emission during circulating fluidized bed combustion of meat and bone meal.
  1. John P. Mustonen, Shaw Consultants International, USA: Overview of past and current Shaw work in FBC.
  1. JongMin Lee, Korea Electric Power Research Institute, KEPCO, Korea: Characteristics of Biomass Combustion in a CFB boiler.
  1. František Hrdlička and Jan Hrdlička, CVUT Prague, Czech Republic: BFB with „Liapor“ inert material.
  1. Ben Anthony, Canmet, Canada Survey of Ca looping for CO2 removal from fossil fuel conversion.

  2. Tadaaki Shimizu, Niigata University, Japan: Reactor type for CaO looping cycle–Bubbling bed or fast bed.
  1. Fredrik Lind, CTH, Sweden: Dual Fluidised Bed for Catalytic Cleaning of Biomass Gas.
  1. Filip Johnsson, CTH, Sweden: Oxyfuel CFB combustion discussion on challenges for development.


Post meetings

This meeting will take place at Hörsalsvägen 7, South entrance, 4th floor: Energiteknik

For those of the participant who would like to be informed about the activities presently going on at the Division of Energy Technology we arrange some informal workshops:

May 5 Morning: Fluidised bed gasification (Henrik Thunman and coworkers).

May 5 Afternoon: FBC and related topics (Filip Johnsson and LarsErik Åmand and coworkers)

May 6 Morning: CO2 removal by chemical looping cycle (Anders Lyngfelt and coworkers).

May 6 Afternoon: CO2 removal by oxyfuel combustion (PC and FBC boilers) (Klas Andersson and Filip Johnsson and coworkers).