Past Events

61th IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: October 28-29, 2010
Location: Salerno, Italy



1. F. Hrdlička, Prague, Czech Republic: FBC boiler 32 MWth with expanded fluidized bed.

2. L.-E. Åmand, Chalmers University, Sweden: Agglomeration of the bed material in fluidized bed reactors for thermal conversion of biomass - A threat for the development of the technology.

3. T. Shimizu, Niigata University, Japan: Heat recovery from melted blast furnace slag using fluidized bed.

4. J-S. Kim
, Kepri, Korea: A Verification on Design Characteristics of Yeosu CFB Boiler.

5. F. Winter, TUW Vienna, Austria: Optimization of heavy metal removal from sewage sludge ash & municipal solid waste fly ash

6. M. Poletto and D. Barletta, University of Salerno, Italy: Relevance of powder flow properties in the aggregative behaviour of aerated particle systems.

7. J.-X. Morin, CO2-H2 Eurl, A vision of the IEA-FBC Meeting October 29 2010

8. P. Yrjas, Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland: An exhaustive measurement campaign in a BFB.

9. Ph. Jaud, EDF R&D, France: Gardanne CFB.

10. A. Nikolopoulos, Centre for Research & Technology Hellas /Institute for Solid Fuels Technology & Applications (CERTH/ISFTA) Athens, Greece: First results from the full-loop 3D simulation of a CFB carbonator of IFK (Stuttgart).

11. B. Leckner, Chalmers University, Sweden: The heat and mass balance of a dual fluidized bed converter system.