Past Events

62nd IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: August 28-29, 2011
Location: Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Focus: Dual fluidized bed reactor systems & CO2 reduction in FBC


1. B. Anthony Canmet, Canada: "Future Directions in Ca Looping Technology". 

2. L.-E. Åmand and B.-M. Steenari, Chalmers University, Sweden: “A Road Map for the Control of Agglomeration During the Use of Biomass in Dual Fluidized Bed Reactor Systems”. 

3. T. Shimizu, Niigata University, Japan: “Entrainment of coarse particles in a circulating fluidized bed under air-stating conditions”. 

4. G Ryabov, All Russian Thermal Institute, Moscow, Russia: “Russian investigation in field of CO2 capture and storage in FBC”. 

5. A. Larsson, M. Seemann, H. Thunman Chalmers University, Sweden: “Temperature of Biomass Volatiles Leaving a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier”. 

6. H. Moritomi, ERES, Gifu University, and K. Kuramoto and Y. Suzuki, Energy Technology Research Institute, National Institute of Adv. Ind. Sci. Tech. (AIST), Japan: “Hydrogen Separation Effect on Integrated Gasification Process with Ca-based CO2 Sorption (HyPr-RING Process)". 

7. M. Millan, Imperial College, UK: “Effect of Pressure in Oxyfuel Gasification in Fluidised Beds”. 

8. T. Hyppänen, Lappeenranta University, Finland: “Applications of a 3-D CFB model on oxycombustion, gasification and calcinator in calcium looping”.  

9. M. Insa and O. Authier, Electricité de France, Chatou, France: “EDF activities regarding FB biomass combustion and gasification”. 

10. G. Schöny (TUV), D. Pallarès (CTH), H. Leion (CTH), T. Pröll (TUV), J. Wolf (Vattenfall): "Modeling of the fuel reactor in a large-scale chemical looping combustor"  

11. G. Tondl, S. Penthor, D. Wöß, T. Pröll, W. Höltl, J. Rohovec, H. Hofbauer: Oxyfuel combustion of alternative fuels in a circulating fluidized bed pilot rig