Past Events

63rd IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: November 29-30, 2011
Location: Ponferrada, Spain

Focus: OxyFuel Combustion in FBC



1.    T. Czakiert, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland: "Work-in-Progress at a Small Pilot-Scale OxyFuel-CFB Facility".

2.      G. Tondl, Vienna University of Technology, Austria: "OxyFuel combustion in CFBC".

3.      N. Fueyo, A. Cubero, A. Sanchez-Insa, University of Zaragoza, Spain: "Detailed modelling of CFB fluid dynamics and combustion".

4.      L. Jia, NRCan, Canada, "Oxy-fuel CFBC combustion tests with a 0.8MWth unit"

5.      M. Varonen, Metso Power Oy, Finland: "4 MW oxy-CFB combustion tests".

6.   L. Cañadas Serrano, INERCO, Spain: "Demonstration and optimisation of the biomass gasification technology for electricity power generation (DOTGe Project)"

7.      A. Gómez Barea, Spain: "Oxy-fuel FB gasification of biomass using flue-gas from an oxy-boiler".

8.      R. Kobylecki, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland: "Sulfur capture at high concentration of SO2 and CO2".

9.      L. Romeo, University of Zaragoza, Spain: "Oxyfuel combustion in bubbling fluidized bed. Experiences and simulations".

10.  F. Scala, Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione, Italy: "Recent research on fluidized bed oxy-fuel combustion at Naples"

11.  F. Garcia Labiano, Instituto de Carboquimica, Spain: "Activities of the Instituto de Carboquímica research group including oxyfuel and chemical-looping"

12.    D. Pallares, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden: "Analysis and modelling of a 5 MW oxyCFB"

13.    V. Perez, CIEMAT, Spain: "Preliminary results of gasification of wood and RDFs pellets in a circulating fluidized bed pilot plant"

14.  G. Reed, Imperial College, UK: "Thermodynamic modelling of trace element speciation in conventional pulverised (not fluidised bed) comparing air blown with oxyfuel coal combustion”