Past Events

67th IEA-FBC Meeting

Date:          October 28-30, 2013
Location:   Daejeon, Korea

Chairman: Prof. Dagmar Juchelkova

Focus: Large scale CFB boilers



1.  B. Leckner, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden: “Oxy-CFB for CO2 capture”

2.  D. W. Sun,  KIER, Korea: “CFB technology development in KIER”

3.M. M. Farid, H. J. Jeong, J. M. Lee, D. W. Kim, and J. Hwang, Yonsei University and KEPCO, Korea: “3D numerical simulation of gas-solid hydrodynamics and coal combustion in an industrial scale circulating fluidized bed”

4. H. Yang, Tsinghua University, China: “The design and operation of the 600MW SCCFB in China” 

5. K. S. Yoo, KOSPO, Korea: “Concept and status of 500MWe Samcheok SCCFB boiler”

6. F. Scala, Instituto di Ricerche sulla Combustion, Italy: “Fluidized bed combustion and gasification of wood: The effect of pelletization on attrition”

7. U. D. LeeW. Yang, KITECH, Korea: “Development of biomass gasification system based on fluidized bed technologies”ENET, Czech Republic: “Methods of risk determination of high temperature corrosion for heating surfaces in biomass fired or co-fired boilers

8. T. Shimizu, H. Narisawa, C. Gao, T. Takahashi, A. Yoshizawa, H.-J. Kim, L. Li, Niigata University, Japan: “Coal Combustion in Fast-bed Regenerator of CaO-Looping (Ca-L) Process"

9. W. C. Cho, and S. D. Kim, KAIST, Korea: “Hydrogen production by redox reaction of ZrO2 supported iron in steam-iron process”

10 P. Sentannai, , J. Osz, Cs. Sandor, T. Szucs, A. Zsigmond, BME, Hungary: “Points of interest on the route towards applying non-tyre rubbers as fuels for FBCs"