Past Events

69th IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: September 25-26, 2014
Location: Aix-en-Provence, France

Chairman: Prof. Dagmar Juchelkova

Focus: Size Aspects of FBC Design



1.      J.M. Lee, KEPCO, Korea: Experience of operation problems and considerations in a large scale CFB boiler

2.     H. Yang, Tsinghua University, China: Vibration of external loop of larger CFB boiler

3.     T. Szucs, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary: Non-tyre rubbers as FBC fuels

4.     B. Leckner, Chalmers University, Sweden: Features of the development of BFB-CFB

5.     F. Le Tohic, Alstom, France: ALSTOM CFB boilers portfolio for power generation of 100 MWe and above - NARVA and the challenges of handling large fuel and ash flows

6.     T. Nocquet, Leroux & Lotz Technologies, France: Gasification of biomass and waste at pilot and commercial scale

7.     R. Michel, CEMHTI-Orléans, France: Ash/olivine agglomeration in different lab-scale fluidized bed reactors

8.     A. Nikolopoulos, CERTH, Greece: Gasification of agricultural residues and low cost techniques for tar reduction in a pilot scale CFB

9.    P. Fede, IMFT-Toulouse, France: High performance computation (HPC) for the development of fluidized bed technologies for biomass gasification and CO2 capture

10.  J. Arenales, CIEMAT, Spain: Gas solid flow in a CFB with L-valve and impact of gas distribution changes in the design

11.  F. Montagnaro, University of Napoli, Italy: Hydration-induced reactivation of FB spent calcium looping sorbents

12. T. Shimizu, Niigata University, Japan: Load-following of CaL process

13.C.Sandor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary: Non-mixing binary fluidized bed for heterogeneous-sized fuels