Past Events

74th IEA-FBC Meeting

Date: May 21, 2017
Location: Krakow, Poland


Chairman: Dr. JongMin Lee

Focus: CO2 Reduction using Fluidized bed Technologies


1. W. Nowak: Challenges and opportunities in advanced energy generation from coal in Poland

2. J. Lee: Status of USC CFB Boiler in Korea

3. R. Hughes: Commissioning and First Operations of the 1 MWth Oxy-PFBC at CanmetENERGY

4. T. Shimizu: Adsorption of Gaseous Components on Calcium Oxide under Calcium- Looping process conditions

5. M. Beirow: CO2-lean Energy Conversion Technologies with Fluidized Bed Systems

6. G. Schöny: The ViennaGreenCO2 Project - Demonstration of Low Temperature Solid Sorbent CO2 Capture at Pilot Scale

7. T. Szücs: Combustion Model for various shaped Macro-Sized Solid Fuel Particles

8. M. Al-Agha: An Overall 1D Model of Segregating Fluidized Beds

9. M. Azam: Current Status and Potential of Fluidized Bed Technology in Pakistan with respect to availabilty of Coal & Municipal Solid Waste

10. T. Zatterstrom: Distributed Cogeneration: The Democratisation of Energy

11. Yue Guangxi: New CFB Process for comprehensive in-furnace Emission Control