Past Events

Country Report 2011-2016December 2017
75th IEA-FBC MeetingSkive, DenmarkOctober 23-25, 2017
74th IEA-FBC MeetingKrakow, PolandMay 21, 2017
CO2 Reduction using Fluidized bed Technologies
73rd IEA-FBC MeetingTokyo, JapanDecember 6-7, 2016
72nd IEA-FBC MeetingBudapest, HungaryApril 28-29, 2016
Utilization of Biomass and Waste (Coal) in FBC
71st IEA-FBC MeetingSeoul, KoreaNovember 4-6, 2015
Flexible operation FBC power plant
70th IEA-FBC MeetingTurku, FinlandJune 14, 2015
69th IEA-FBC MeetingAix-en-Provence, FranceSeptember 25-26, 2014
Size aspects of FBC design
68th IEA-FBC MeetingBeijing, ChinaMay 12-13, 2014
Emission Control
67th IEA-FBC MeetingDaejeon, KoreaOctober 28-30, 2013
Large-scale CFB boilers
66th IEA-FBC MeetingBrno, Czech RepublicMarch 18-20, 2013
Agglomeration and ash related problems
65th IEA-FBC MeetingOsaka, JapanNovember 8-9, 2012
Renewable energy and energy recovery from waste in FBC
64th IEA-FBC MeetingNaples, ItalyJune 3, 2012
Country Report 2005-2010Nov.11
Developments in Fluidized Bed Conversion 2005 to 2010
63rd IEA-FBC MeetingPonferrada, SpainNovember 29-30, 2011
62nd IEA-FBC MeetingVienna, AustriaAugust 28-29, 2011
61th IEA-FBC MeetingSalerno, ItalyOctober 28-29, 2010
60th IEA-FBC MeetingGöteborg, SwedenMay 3-4, 2010
Fluidized Bed Gasification
59th IEA-FBC MeetingCzestochowa, PolandOctober 2009
Size increase and increase of steam data of FBC boilers
58th IEA-FBC MeetingXian City, ChinaMay 2009
Country overviews
57th IEA-FBC MeetingLisbon, PortugalOctober 2008
Co combustion and Biofuel
56th IEA-FBC MeetingHamburg, GermanyMay 2008
Co combustion and ash-related phenomena
55th IEA-FBC MeetingParis, FranceOctober 2007
Corrosion, Ash and Modelling
54th IEA-FBC MeetingMadrid, SpainMay 2007
Combustion Chemistry in FBCs
53rd IEA-FBC MeetingEnfield, IrelandNov.06
Fuels for FBC
52nd IEA-FBC MeetingVienna, Austria May 2006
Workshop on Co-Conversion (Combustion and Gasification) in Fluidized Beds
51st IEA-FBC MeetingSardinia, Italy November 2005 
Mixing and Segregation in Fluidized Beds
50th IEA-FBC MeetingToronto, CanadaMay 2005
CO2 reduction
49th IEA-FBC MeetingVaasa, FinlandNovember 2004 
Combustion and gasification in FBC
48th IEA-FBC MeetingVienna, AustriaMay 2004
Future challenges for waste combustion and co-combustion in FBC
Year report 2003February 2004
47th IEA-FBC MeetingZlotniki, PolandOctober 2003
Large scale FBC
46th IEA-FBC MeetingJacksonville, USAMay 2003
Co-Combustion in FBC
Year report 2002Febrary 2003
45th IEA-FBC MeetingPrague, CzechoslovakiaNovember 18-19,2002
44th IEA-FBC MeetingVienna, AustriaMay 2002
IEA-FBC Task I ReportFebruary 20, 2002
Coal Comminuition Characerization for Industrial Scale Circulatig Fluidized Bed
43th IEA-FBC MeetingLisbon, PortugalNovember 22-23, 2001
42th IEA-FBC MeetingSydney, Nova Scotia, CanadaMay 10-11, 2001
41th IEA-FBC MeetingSalerno, ItalyOctober 30-31, 2000
40th IEA-FBC MeetingTurku, FinlandMay 24-25, 2000